(09-07-14) Calvin Pryor during the New York Jets and Oakland Raiders game. Photo by Joseph E. Amaturo

I believe thanksgiving is a holiday devoted to eating and football. I feel this way because all my life that’s what my family and I have done. My cousins, grandparents and my family all go to one of our houses and we watch football and eat. Every family is responsible for bringing a food item. Usually my family is in charge of desserts and me and my dad always have a competition. Last year me and my dad had an apple pie contest. Of coarse I won.  Once we all get settled in the men always crowd around the tv from 12:30 until the feast. The women are always around the table gossiping or preparing the food. Once the women call us in everyone gathers around the table we all catch up and more importantly eat! We go around the table saying what we are thankful for and say a prayer. We normally have a kids table and an adult table. But at the kids table ages range from 3 to 25! After we eat we go right back to the couch as the women clean up and continue to talk. But every year me and my dad always fall asleep and my sisters take a picture. This is my favorite holiday I feel everyone has a great time and there is always no drama.


Reflection about Konnor

My partner is Konnor Kesselring and the picture I chose to reflect upon is him on college signing day. The purpose of this photo being posted was for two reasons. The first is to show his gratefulness of the help he received from the three people presented in the photo with him. College signing day for a sport is a big deal which is why I think the three people presented in this picture are his parents and his soccer coach. By the looks of his parent’s and coach’s face, they seem to be extremely proud and satisfied with Konnor’s decision and accomplishments. The second reason is to let the world know where he will be continuing his education and soccer career. Konnor’s audience includes his teammates, his friends, and especially the three people presented in the photo. I am sure his whole family saw this picture portraying his happiness and accomplishment. I don’t think Konnor did much editing to this. His caption to this picture was, “I’m officially a Manhattanville Valiant! Can’t thank these three enough!” Konnor wants his audience to know that he couldn’t have gotten to the place he is without them. Konnor is wearing what looks like his school uniform. This represents where he is coming from and where he is going. He is leaving Montverde Academy and continuing his education and soccer career as a Valiant at Manhattanville College. I completely understand why Konnor posted this picture. It represents who is going to become. I too signed for continuing my baseball career at Manhattanville. On my special day of signing, I also had my parents and coach present. As an athlete myself, I know how important parents and coaches are in your sports journey. They push and guide you to the best of your abilities and clearly Konnor’s parents and coach did a great job with that. I think college signing represents how far you have come and where you are going to continue to reach your goal. I would say that almost every student posts a picture of the signing for playing a sport. It is considered a social norm to do this for athletes. I wish the best of luck to Konnor in his soccer career here at Manhattanville.


Reflection IG Post

The picture I chose to reflect on is of me and my best friend Doc. Tommy Doherty is his given name, but since freshman year during baseball season he has been known as “Doc.” During that season, Doc and I became very close friends. Playing aside him and through team events our bond became tighter. We shared such a close bond that we confided in each other, sharing very private information. For example his mom was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time during our junior year of high school. No one had known out of our friends beside me. It was a very sensitive topic for Doc to talk about but he felt comfortable sharing the journey with me. Through time, he began to be more open and soon enough my friends started finding out about Doc’s mother. Our group of friends were very caring and helpful towards Doc and his family. Doc would frequently text and call me when his mother was going through treatments just to keep me updated and confide in someone. I remember the tragic day like it was yesterday. It was the day after the Super Bowl. I received a devastating phone call. Doc explained to me his mother unexpectedly was rushed to the hospital. About two hours later I received another call and got the news. Mrs.Doherty had passed away. Right as I received the call I remember being in a state of awe as a tear drop dripped down my face. This was a very tough time for me but an unbearable time for my best friend. Later that day I posted this picture to show my appreciation and friendship I have for Doc. The caption was “the bro”. I didn’t want to post a super heartfelt and sentimental caption because I didn’t want to Doc to receive more attention and reminder of what has happened. Although the caption is short, it is straight to the point. Doc is “my bro”and always will be. The post is just a small gesture I can do to show my love and appreciation for him.doc

Alex Reid


After reading “why blog,” by Alex Reid I have numerous emotions regarding blogging. He first talks about the history and reasoning why people blog. Than he relates school work and personal ways that blogging is useful to students. This grabbed my attention because it was very easily relatable. I don’t think anyone in our class wants to be a writer but for the time being we have to be and blogging will help us. Blogging also doesn’t have a set structure. Blogging is very much preference. “You control the subject matter, length, format, the timing of posts and all the other characteristics of writing.” Interestingly the start of blogging for many was following the tragic events on September 11,2001. Before this most bloggers were people who were tech-savvy. In this class we are mostly going to be creating a learning blog. Which is an individual blog but are mainly asked to write about specific things or topics like this for instants. Although I would enjoy more of a group or class team blog, I still am liking the learning blog. With a learning blog you are not limited to just yourself or classmates, finding a target audience a can gain followers and likes on my page. Helping to find these people interested in the same work you can use tags. In addition to tags you can use widgets to connect through social medias. This allows you to meet new people and stay connected not only to blogging but social medias as well. Overall this reading was very informative. It taught me history, how to blog, how to communicate through blogs and advice on how to personalize or change your blog. After reading this I am actually excited to begin in the blog world. The feeling of freedom in writing is what really caught my eye. Being able to do things almost independently will not only affect me but I feel will affect the whole class. This will enhance our writing and make class much more interesting.