Alex Reid


After reading “why blog,” by Alex Reid I have numerous emotions regarding blogging. He first talks about the history and reasoning why people blog. Than he relates school work and personal ways that blogging is useful to students. This grabbed my attention because it was very easily relatable. I don’t think anyone in our class wants to be a writer but for the time being we have to be and blogging will help us. Blogging also doesn’t have a set structure. Blogging is very much preference. “You control the subject matter, length, format, the timing of posts and all the other characteristics of writing.” Interestingly the start of blogging for many was following the tragic events on September 11,2001. Before this most bloggers were people who were tech-savvy. In this class we are mostly going to be creating a learning blog. Which is an individual blog but are mainly asked to write about specific things or topics like this for instants. Although I would enjoy more of a group or class team blog, I still am liking the learning blog. With a learning blog you are not limited to just yourself or classmates, finding a target audience a can gain followers and likes on my page. Helping to find these people interested in the same work you can use tags. In addition to tags you can use widgets to connect through social medias. This allows you to meet new people and stay connected not only to blogging but social medias as well. Overall this reading was very informative. It taught me history, how to blog, how to communicate through blogs and advice on how to personalize or change your blog. After reading this I am actually excited to begin in the blog world. The feeling of freedom in writing is what really caught my eye. Being able to do things almost independently will not only affect me but I feel will affect the whole class. This will enhance our writing and make class much more interesting.



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