Reflection IG Post

The picture I chose to reflect on is of me and my best friend Doc. Tommy Doherty is his given name, but since freshman year during baseball season he has been known as “Doc.” During that season, Doc and I became very close friends. Playing aside him and through team events our bond became tighter. We shared such a close bond that we confided in each other, sharing very private information. For example his mom was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time during our junior year of high school. No one had known out of our friends beside me. It was a very sensitive topic for Doc to talk about but he felt comfortable sharing the journey with me. Through time, he began to be more open and soon enough my friends started finding out about Doc’s mother. Our group of friends were very caring and helpful towards Doc and his family. Doc would frequently text and call me when his mother was going through treatments just to keep me updated and confide in someone. I remember the tragic day like it was yesterday. It was the day after the Super Bowl. I received a devastating phone call. Doc explained to me his mother unexpectedly was rushed to the hospital. About two hours later I received another call and got the news. Mrs.Doherty had passed away. Right as I received the call I remember being in a state of awe as a tear drop dripped down my face. This was a very tough time for me but an unbearable time for my best friend. Later that day I posted this picture to show my appreciation and friendship I have for Doc. The caption was “the bro”. I didn’t want to post a super heartfelt and sentimental caption because I didn’t want to Doc to receive more attention and reminder of what has happened. Although the caption is short, it is straight to the point. Doc is “my bro”and always will be. The post is just a small gesture I can do to show my love and appreciation for him.doc


2 thoughts on “Reflection IG Post

  1. mselapadura says:

    Peter, great work explaining your rhetorical choices. Your analysis is a true example for what lies behind the context of a photo. With a simple caption, those not aware of Doc’s situation might find this picture as an everyday best friend honoring, but that is not the case. It’s interesting how you didn’t want to draw too much attention to your friend, but the post is public. This allows us to see how social media can engage a private dialogue for the world to see, what only for your audience to understand. Why do you think you chose this method of appreciation rather than a more private media like a phone call, letter, or email? What does a public post do that these things cannot?


    • peteriannarilli says:

      I chose this public method because my target audience was doc, family and friends who knew about this situation. I thought because it was public they would all see it and appreciate it. In addition this post can be seen by everyone and shows that I will always be there for him.


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