Reflection about Konnor

My partner is Konnor Kesselring and the picture I chose to reflect upon is him on college signing day. The purpose of this photo being posted was for two reasons. The first is to show his gratefulness of the help he received from the three people presented in the photo with him. College signing day for a sport is a big deal which is why I think the three people presented in this picture are his parents and his soccer coach. By the looks of his parent’s and coach’s face, they seem to be extremely proud and satisfied with Konnor’s decision and accomplishments. The second reason is to let the world know where he will be continuing his education and soccer career. Konnor’s audience includes his teammates, his friends, and especially the three people presented in the photo. I am sure his whole family saw this picture portraying his happiness and accomplishment. I don’t think Konnor did much editing to this. His caption to this picture was, “I’m officially a Manhattanville Valiant! Can’t thank these three enough!” Konnor wants his audience to know that he couldn’t have gotten to the place he is without them. Konnor is wearing what looks like his school uniform. This represents where he is coming from and where he is going. He is leaving Montverde Academy and continuing his education and soccer career as a Valiant at Manhattanville College. I completely understand why Konnor posted this picture. It represents who is going to become. I too signed for continuing my baseball career at Manhattanville. On my special day of signing, I also had my parents and coach present. As an athlete myself, I know how important parents and coaches are in your sports journey. They push and guide you to the best of your abilities and clearly Konnor’s parents and coach did a great job with that. I think college signing represents how far you have come and where you are going to continue to reach your goal. I would say that almost every student posts a picture of the signing for playing a sport. It is considered a social norm to do this for athletes. I wish the best of luck to Konnor in his soccer career here at Manhattanville.



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