(09-07-14) Calvin Pryor during the New York Jets and Oakland Raiders game. Photo by Joseph E. Amaturo

I believe thanksgiving is a holiday devoted to eating and football. I feel this way because all my life that’s what my family and I have done. My cousins, grandparents and my family all go to one of our houses and we watch football and eat. Every family is responsible for bringing a food item. Usually my family is in charge of desserts and me and my dad always have a competition. Last year me and my dad had an apple pie contest. Of coarse I won.  Once we all get settled in the men always crowd around the tv from 12:30 until the feast. The women are always around the table gossiping or preparing the food. Once the women call us in everyone gathers around the table we all catch up and more importantly eat! We go around the table saying what we are thankful for and say a prayer. We normally have a kids table and an adult table. But at the kids table ages range from 3 to 25! After we eat we go right back to the couch as the women clean up and continue to talk. But every year me and my dad always fall asleep and my sisters take a picture. This is my favorite holiday I feel everyone has a great time and there is always no drama.


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