Jaya Reflection IG

The Instagram reflection project was a tad bit weird in my opinion. Stalking and making inferences based on a picture online can be very bad, as we have seen in class. Making inferences without knowing the person can cause them to get really upset and wrong impressions. I hope I did not offend Jaya in anyway. But I am very curios to see how I did in relation to  the reality of the picture she posted. Overall Jaya did pretty well in my opinion.

While reviewing Jaya’s depiction of my Instagram posts she mostly hit the nail on the head. My summer consisted of spending time with my friends as well as playing baseball, hanging with family and working. While Jaya only said spending the last couple of months before college hanging out with my high school friends, that’s what most nights consisted of. I wanted to cherish all the last moments of summer with everyone who made my high school experience great. Not seeing my close friends for months after this summer was definitely a good reason to spend ample time with them. The first picture was at a graduation party, what Jaya expected. There was graduation parties mostly every weekend.  The other was taken at the after prom trip to the beach. This was our grades last hoorah as a whole. After prom we all drove down and stayed at wildwood beach in a hotel. Jaya’s ideology was summertime, graduation season, high school ending and college begin. With all these Jaya concluded it was my last high school summer and who else to spend it with than my friends. Although Jaya categorized me as a “ladies man” I think other classmates may not get the right view of me from the small sample size of my Instagram. I am not all about partying and friends I am passionate about my family and baseball. Most of my Instagram pictures include family, friends and baseball. Id like to believe if Jaya knew me on a personal level she would of viewed these post differently. Although she did catch my drift on these two post specifically.



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