barancke-boyExtra credit

1.       The ideology I want to challenge Gender stereo types.

2.       The reasoning I want to challenge this is because I have a lot of background in this because the past two assignments I have done was about the LGBTQ. I also have a gay uncle that can be used to my benefit.

3.       The audiences I can use are the LGBTQ community, the older community which is very against this and our generation. I would like to use these audiences to reach out to the first-hand people being the LGTBQ. The older Generation is very proper and vey against this. And the last audience is our generation because it is normal in contrast to the older community. With doing these 3 audiences I can get the first-hand perspective as a member of the LGTBQ community and the 2 different ways of viewing them and how time has helped this change.



2 thoughts on “Ideology

  1. melissahessblog says:

    Hi Peter, a counter image you could use is two gay couples getting married since it is legal in some states. This is showing that in some parts of the world they are accepted. Since at one point it was illegal completely just to now have some states accept it makes those who are part of the LGBTQ feel better knowing it is possible to get married one day even though right now, it may not be in their state.. the LGBTQ community is getting there!


  2. sovirydeleon says:

    Hey Peter,

    As I said to Melissa previously, I think that you costume is also really funny and unique. Getting back to the comment, as I watch your vlog I can easily depict that the audience you want to target is the older LGBTQ community, which is very against this and our current generation. I understand that you want to use this audience because you want to reach out to the first-hand people being the LGTBQ. An article you can use from the P2 list is the“Toxic Masculinity” article. I think this video/article can easily portray how men are supposed to be in the eyes of the older LGBTQ community. Man this community have to portray strength, masculinity and fear. There supposed to like woman and not man. It basically portrays the ideal man in the older community eyes.

    A good counter- image you can use is to talk about how the older community is right about not liking the new generation. A good video that you can use is “Being gay: asking a 99 year old Angela.” I think this video is a good example because it showcases the opinion of a lady which is representing maybe the entire old LGBTW community. By watching this you can understand why they have a constant hatred towards gay people/ They have trouble accepting difference. They just like sticking to what they know it’s correct. It’s hard for them to change what they believe is right because they were indoctrinated with that belief and culture by their parents.

    Also another counter image that you can use is an article showing how here is more than 21 countries where gay marriage is legal. This will be a good counter-image to use because you are showing that not mattering what the old generation says, countries are accepting people for who they are not for whom they like. I posted the link below so you can check it out.


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