Homework 11-6

Thesis: The LGTBQ community is forced to live and act in a different way because of the lack of acceptance the receive as well as hateful comments. In todays society, it is hard to express how you feel especially if you are a member of the LGTBQ community because of reasons like catholic church and social normality’s.

Audience: My audience is geared toward LGTBQ community, in efforts to help them branch out and be who they truly are. Catholic church members as well as older people because they have been brain washed that relationships and gender stereotypes can only be correct if it is done one way.

Reason: The reason I chose this topic is because i’ve worked with this topic before and try and make a change.

Sources: The two sources I plan on using are Toxic masculinity and YouTube LGTBQ #ProudToBe campaign. Toxic masculinity shows how we are brought up to be. Basically from birth we are all taught that boys like girl, boys like blue and many other examples of stereotypical ways of gender. The YouTube video is about the LGTBQ community and their feelings as well as success stories. These both will show how it is hard to express who you really are because of social norms.

Counter image: A counter image I can potentially do is interviewing people from different ages and religious beliefs and see how they view this topic. After their responses will be positive and ideally how society could be.


3 thoughts on “Homework 11-6

  1. melissahessblog says:

    Hi Peter, your reason is personal so be careful with that! If your going to stick with a personal reason, a counter argument to it could be why does your personal opinion matter compared to a church of millions of people around the world? Remember that you need evidence, and an opinion is not evidence so be careful; but if this is what your sticking with I can think of this as a suggestion.

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  2. sovirydeleon says:

    Hi peter, I see that you have worked a lot in your thesis. I can see all the changes you made to it. I like how your audience is clear and specific. Remember that for you essay you need evidence to support you argument. Also remember that you can use one outside article for your counter argument. So be intelligent to which article you are going to use. For your counter image I can also see how you our advice (Melissa and I) of choosing different people of ages and belief to interview.


  3. mselapadura says:

    Hi Peter. Your group members have some comments on your thesis, and as do I. Right now, it is not persuasive, rather, it’s a statement. Yes, we know the LGBTQ+ community is unfairly discriminated against, but that doesn’t persuade your audience to do/not do think/not think believe/not believe anything. Melissa is persuading Jenny Craig to use more males in their ads. She is telling them to do something. What are you telling the LBGTQ+ community to do? They most likely know they are discriminated against, so you’re not convincing them that prejudice against sexuality is real. What are you trying to convince them of, and why?


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