Pizza Hut


  • Timeline: Pizza Hut posts very often promoting deals and new flavors/choices. The pictures on there timeline show how appealing the food looks and personal pictures and posts.
  • Reviews: Average 2.1 out 5 stars.
  • Visitor Posts: Visitors post about disliking and not being satisfying. Others post how good there experiences was.
  • Interactions: Pizza Hut will repost and comment back apologizing and showing them how too reach the “phcares” part of there site. On the positive posts Pizza Hut states there thanks and hopes they keep coming back.
  • Current: This Facebook page is very current keeping up to date with multiple posts daily although it seems I did stumble across there old Facebook page which hasn’t been used for over a year now.


  • Posts: Very frequently, showing how good the food is. Trying to persuade people to eat at Pizza Hut.
  • Comments: Most comments are tagging friends and saying how badly the want to eat at Pizza Hut.
  • Captions: Very simplistic, usually relating it to a new deal or football if on Sunday. Target audience would be men.
  • Responses: Usually do not respond on Instagram but do on Facebook.
  • Current: Instagram posts very often about 1-2 posts a day keeping followers intrigued.


For a growing boy I think this is effective. It makes me want to go to a pizza hut and enjoy the endless specials they have.


2 thoughts on “Pizza Hut

  1. marissacordaro says:

    Both Pizza Hut’s Facebook and Instagram account display posts that promote how good the food is; similarly both are very inviting to get pizza lovers to come eat their food. They advertise to pizza lovers by showing the types of pizza that they make and the sizes of the pizza. On Facebook, Pizza Hut posted a photo of a pizza with the caption stating “Choose any and all the toppings you want on a large carry out pizza for $10.” On that pizza there is sausage, pepperoni, cheese, and bacon. On Instagram, as well as on Facebook, there was a pizza with mushrooms, onions, peppers, and pepperoni. Because Instagram and Facebook are consistent in featuring the same foods, no matter if people go on Facebook or Instagram, they will still see what Pizza Hut is offering. Pizza lovers who are looking for a pizza place where they can get a decent sized pizza with toppings at a cheap price will look into the Facebook and Instagram to see if they offer any deals. Pizza Hut offers a large carry out pizza with all the toppings you want for a cheap price. When pizza lovers see this deal, they will want to go there.


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