1) What makes your app a location-based technology? How does it utilize location?

My application is “Fandango.” This app uses location-based technology to correctly match you to nearby movie theaters. This application scans the area around you to search for specific movies as well as show times and can even print off your device.

2) How does your app produce/change urban narratives?

This changes the way people now go to the movies. With out looking through the paper or commercials on tv , you can now find movie theaters, times, reviews and even purchase tickets without leaving your home.

3) In what way are the users for your application practicing reading and writing space?

The application is used mostly for reading rather than writing. Users will read about the movie as well as reviews. Contrary you can also write reviews and rate movies for others users to view.

4) In what way is your app mirroring Souza e Silva’s model of net locality?

I believe this is mirroring the model by Souza e Silva because it is connecting the physical place with a handheld device. This is now giving us a more dynamic way of going to the movies. Without leaving the comfort of your couch, you can find multiple locations to see a movie.

Image result for fandango app






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