Credible source?

My partner for this activity is Jaya. Jaya sent me a link that is supposedly by Fox news. In the URL I noticed name “clone zone.” Clone zone is a website used to make edits to real life articles or text. Therefore I do not think this text would fit the criteria of a credible source.

The article was written by FOX29. It was posted on January 12th of this year. The author doesn’t have a full name therefore raises a red flag for me. The motivation of this piece was to inform the Philadelphia school district of the recent change in teachers defense incase of an emergency. Teachers in the Philadelphia school district are now allowed to carry concealed guns, due to the crazy happenings in the world today, according to the article. This page was published on This article published on January 12th but does not state when it was written or the person who wrote it. In addition to no true author the links on the page do not lead to a continuation or even a relevant story, about the new law in Philadelphia.

I believe that this is a primary source because there is no sources given credit too, or any references to prior work done on this topic. After looking up the definition I have concluded this text is a popular text. It is easy to read and is tended for a very general publics view.

In conclusion, “School district allows employees to carry concealed guns,” is a popular not scholarly text. Reasons behind my theory include; no true author, “clone zone” in URL, and the links in text did not relate to article.