Senior School Day

Waking up for Clarkstown South High School at 7:15 was too early for my liking. By senior year, I did not care what time I came to school or what I looked like. School started at 7:24. So my mornings were rushed because I wanted as much sleep as possible. Pulling up to the school parking lot, I could tell you whose car was who’s. My senior schedule was fairly easy. I started my day with American Sign Language. This was my absolute favorite class. Fun fact I learned how to sign the song Shake it Off by Taylor Swift. After sign language, I went to Journalism. Before attending class, my friends and I had a special meet up spot in the hallway that we would go to in between classes. This was just to delay the time going to class, because who actually wants to go to class. Next stop was Marine Biology (another fan favorite of mine). Sadly, I could not leave for lunch so I was stuck in the cafeteria eating crappy school lunches. The best part of my days were always when school ended. After school during spring season, I would never go home. My after school consisted of baseball practices, scrimmages, and games. Practices were held at my high school so I didn’t have to travel anywhere, I would just walk to the fields. No matter what, practice was always fun because baseball is my passion. After baseball, I would finally go home. As soon as I walked in the front door, I threw my bags on the ground and sat down at the dinner table hoping my mom made me dinner. My favorite dinner was penne and vodka sauce with eggplant on the side. Those were the best nights to come home too. After dinner, I would shower, maybe do some homework and probably go to bed. I was usually in bed around 11:30/12.


Childhood Memory

The earliest childhood memories is going to baseball camp. I remember I got a yellow shirt (that was huge on me!) and a blue hat. The camp had local high school players running it as camp counselors. Every kid looked up to them just as if they were professionals. Every person aspired to be just like them when we were older. My favorite part was at the end of the day when my mom or dad would pick me up we would get an ice pop. But these ice pops were doubles. They had two sticks and two popsicles stuck together. I remember the first day we got them I was in awe. I would tell my friends during play dates how cool they were. This memory has gotten stronger to me because I was in the position of camp counselor this summer. Teaching and being the campers friend is a rewarding feeling. They look up and think its cool knowing an older kid especially an athlete. Another rewarding feeling is seeing the camper advance athletically and even socially because of your own help.

George/Christina HW

I found this survey very interesting and unusual. I would never guess that images in the advertisements shown would have such a big change. I was very surprised on how much change was in the female models. I would of thought they looked like that normally and that is why they are successful models. To a customer this can be very intriguing or very hurtful. It can be intriguing if you strive to look like them. Many girls now a days want to look like the fake advertisements. Insanely skinny and have make up and hair like them. Models serve as role models to girls that strive to be like them. But if you are more overweight and / or less confident, these images can be hurtful. Girls will compare there own images to the advertisements and become upset. They will feel badly about themselves unknowing that the women in the add does not even look like that. The car advertisements were also a surprise to me. I have been hearing all about self driven cars but according to the survey they are not even legal! I was expecting these self driven cars to hit the market very soon but apparently I am wrong. All of the ads provided in the survey make me wonder what advertisements are real or not. I guess you can never tell unless doing research because those images fooled me.


“Helmet-to-Helmet Contact: Avoiding a Lifetime Penalty by Creating a Duty to Scan Active NFL Players for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy,” Southern Illinois University, Journal of Legal Medicine. Oct-Dec2013, Vol. 34 Issue 4, p425-452. 28p. This article stars Junior Seau and his head injury that caused death. In result of Junior Seau, many other NFL players suffer from CTE. Seau’s family is trying to have the NFL safer regarding head injuries.


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Pete Rose vs HOF

In Americas pastime, the most prestigious individual award one can attain would to become a hall of famer. This is one of the most exclusives fraternity in sports, maybe behind the Heisman or the masters. Pete Rose leads all Major League Baseball players in career hits. Although Rose has held this honor of being the “hit king,” for quite some time he has not been inducted into the hall of fame. The reason holding him back you might ask, is he bet on baseball.

Pete Rose after an incredible twenty-three year career, became a major league manager. When he was at the managerial head of the team he engaged in betting on his team and / or the opposing team to win or lose. The placing of bets did not occur when Rose was a player. Thus, he had no affect on the outcome of the game. If it was to happen as a player he could alter the game by purposely doing bad or telling teammates to do so. The only other time this happened was the biggest scandal in MLB history, the black sox. This incident occurred when a group of players in the 1919 world series purposely lost in order to win a bet. This goes against the rules of the game being a fair contest between two teams.

With players being inducted to the hall of fame with ties of steroid use being in the hall of fame why cant Rose. His prolific career I believe over shadows his one mistake he made as a manager. If it happened while he was a player I would understand more but still would allow him in because he did not use performance enhancing drugs like many others such as Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire and many others.

In conclusion I would like to discuss Pete Roses athletic career, Managerial career, Hall of Fame experiences and quotations.

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