Pete Rose vs HOF

In Americas pastime, the most prestigious individual award one can attain would to become a hall of famer. This is one of the most exclusives fraternity in sports, maybe behind the Heisman or the masters. Pete Rose leads all Major League Baseball players in career hits. Although Rose has held this honor of being the “hit king,” for quite some time he has not been inducted into the hall of fame. The reason holding him back you might ask, is he bet on baseball.

Pete Rose after an incredible twenty-three year career, became a major league manager. When he was at the managerial head of the team he engaged in betting on his team and / or the opposing team to win or lose. The placing of bets did not occur when Rose was a player. Thus, he had no affect on the outcome of the game. If it was to happen as a player he could alter the game by purposely doing bad or telling teammates to do so. The only other time this happened was the biggest scandal in MLB history, the black sox. This incident occurred when a group of players in the 1919 world series purposely lost in order to win a bet. This goes against the rules of the game being a fair contest between two teams.

With players being inducted to the hall of fame with ties of steroid use being in the hall of fame why cant Rose. His prolific career I believe over shadows his one mistake he made as a manager. If it happened while he was a player I would understand more but still would allow him in because he did not use performance enhancing drugs like many others such as Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire and many others.

In conclusion I would like to discuss Pete Roses athletic career, Managerial career, Hall of Fame experiences and quotations.

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