George/Christina HW

I found this survey very interesting and unusual. I would never guess that images in the advertisements shown would have such a big change. I was very surprised on how much change was in the female models. I would of thought they looked like that normally and that is why they are successful models. To a customer this can be very intriguing or very hurtful. It can be intriguing if you strive to look like them. Many girls now a days want to look like the fake advertisements. Insanely skinny and have make up and hair like them. Models serve as role models to girls that strive to be like them. But if you are more overweight and / or less confident, these images can be hurtful. Girls will compare there own images to the advertisements and become upset. They will feel badly about themselves unknowing that the women in the add does not even look like that. The car advertisements were also a surprise to me. I have been hearing all about self driven cars but according to the survey they are not even legal! I was expecting these self driven cars to hit the market very soon but apparently I am wrong. All of the ads provided in the survey make me wonder what advertisements are real or not. I guess you can never tell unless doing research because those images fooled me.