Childhood Memory

The earliest childhood memories is going to baseball camp. I remember I got a yellow shirt (that was huge on me!) and a blue hat. The camp had local high school players running it as camp counselors. Every kid looked up to them just as if they were professionals. Every person aspired to be just like them when we were older. My favorite part was at the end of the day when my mom or dad would pick me up we would get an ice pop. But these ice pops were doubles. They had two sticks and two popsicles stuck together. I remember the first day we got them I was in awe. I would tell my friends during play dates how cool they were. This memory has gotten stronger to me because I was in the position of camp counselor this summer. Teaching and being the campers friend is a rewarding feeling. They look up and think its cool knowing an older kid especially an athlete. Another rewarding feeling is seeing the camper advance athletically and even socially because of your own help.