Senior School Day

Waking up for Clarkstown South High School at 7:15 was too early for my liking. By senior year, I did not care what time I came to school or what I looked like. School started at 7:24. So my mornings were rushed because I wanted as much sleep as possible. Pulling up to the school parking lot, I could tell you whose car was who’s. My senior schedule was fairly easy. I started my day with American Sign Language. This was my absolute favorite class. Fun fact I learned how to sign the song Shake it Off by Taylor Swift. After sign language, I went to Journalism. Before attending class, my friends and I had a special meet up spot in the hallway that we would go to in between classes. This was just to delay the time going to class, because who actually wants to go to class. Next stop was Marine Biology (another fan favorite of mine). Sadly, I could not leave for lunch so I was stuck in the cafeteria eating crappy school lunches. The best part of my days were always when school ended. After school during spring season, I would never go home. My after school consisted of baseball practices, scrimmages, and games. Practices were held at my high school so I didn’t have to travel anywhere, I would just walk to the fields. No matter what, practice was always fun because baseball is my passion. After baseball, I would finally go home. As soon as I walked in the front door, I threw my bags on the ground and sat down at the dinner table hoping my mom made me dinner. My favorite dinner was penne and vodka sauce with eggplant on the side. Those were the best nights to come home too. After dinner, I would shower, maybe do some homework and probably go to bed. I was usually in bed around 11:30/12.