Research journal #3

Jonah Lehrer, author, graduate from Columbia neuroscience and attended Wolfson college, Oxford. “The Fragile Teenage Brian, an in-depth look at concussions in high school football.” Published January 19,2012. Accessed on March 9, 2017.

            Although this article is titled, “The Fragile Teenage Brian, an in-depth look at concussions in high school football,” it doesn’t solely focus on high school football but a closer look at the science behind concussions. Lehrer explains the worst part of a concussion is what happens after the initial hit. “…all those cells frantically work to regain their equilibrium. This process takes time, although how long is impossible to predict.” Later, Jonah explains concussions are much more vital in teenager’s brains because they are not fully developed yet. In most causes the worst disease is CTE. CTE is an acronym for a disease that causes violence. It is brought upon a person if their brain has been smashed to their skull over and over again. A survey done in 2009 concluded that NFL players between ages of 30-49 have suffered from extreme memory-related disease an alarming nineteen times more than the average rate of the general population. Also, the changing of helmets to protect player’s heads is being discussed. But this is tough to renovate. Concussions occur on the inside of the head and the hard plastic and cushion protects the skull. Concussions in football especially the NFL is almost inevitable. Scientist are trying their best to reduce head injuries and currently are on the right track.