Research journal #5

Lauren Ezell. Timeline: The NFL’s Concussion Crisis. PBS frontline, October 8, 2013, accessed on March 9, 2017. PBS frontline published a timeline from 1994 up until 2013 describing the link between football and brain disease and the NFL published statements on head injuries. It all started in 1994 when commissioner Paul Tagliabue created the mTBI committee. This came about due to star Quarterback Troy Aikman publicly said after taking a shot to the head, “I didn’t know what planet I was on. I still to this day have no recollection of ever having played in that game. So whenever I see footage of that game, it’s like somebody else is out there doing it.” This play and quote arose the wide spread and desire to know more about concussions in the NFL. In 2000, researchers found new information was discovered with people who have had multiple concussions lead to neurological problems. Two years later in 2002, Mike Webster (former NFL player) brain had been under investigation and scientist concluded he had CTE. First time ever this was seen in a football player. Throughout the years of the timeline show numerous deaths of former NFL players who all had CTE. Through the timeline shows the drastic changes and more information the NFL has learned and done to ultimately eliminate brain injuries.