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Main Point: The main point of my essay is to convey the negative effects of concussions on NFL players.

Purpose: The purpose is to inform the reader about the negative effects concussions have on current and retired football players.

Audience: The main audience will be aspiring NFL players as well as parents and football coaches

Example Thesis: The sport of football is one of the most injury prone sports in all of sports. Concussions have been taking football players memories and even lives. With new research and technology, as well as rules, aspiring NFL players well become safer as the concussion rate can begin to slow down and ultimately be a thing of the past.

Concern: Audience in my thesis isn’t too good / clear.

Research journal #5

Lauren Ezell. Timeline: The NFL’s Concussion Crisis. PBS frontline, October 8, 2013, accessed on March 9, 2017. PBS frontline published a timeline from 1994 up until 2013 describing the link between football and brain disease and the NFL published statements on head injuries. It all started in 1994 when commissioner Paul Tagliabue created the mTBI committee. This came about due to star Quarterback Troy Aikman publicly said after taking a shot to the head, “I didn’t know what planet I was on. I still to this day have no recollection of ever having played in that game. So whenever I see footage of that game, it’s like somebody else is out there doing it.” This play and quote arose the wide spread and desire to know more about concussions in the NFL. In 2000, researchers found new information was discovered with people who have had multiple concussions lead to neurological problems. Two years later in 2002, Mike Webster (former NFL player) brain had been under investigation and scientist concluded he had CTE. First time ever this was seen in a football player. Throughout the years of the timeline show numerous deaths of former NFL players who all had CTE. Through the timeline shows the drastic changes and more information the NFL has learned and done to ultimately eliminate brain injuries.  

Research journal #4

Goldberg, Daniel S. “Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, the National Football League, and the Manufacture of Doubt: An Ethical, Legal, and Historical Analysis.” Journal of Legal Medicine, vol. 34, no. 2, Apr-Jun2013, pp. 157-191. EBSCOhost, doi:10.1080/01947648.2013.800792. The NFL has taken on hundreds of lawsuits and even petitions regarding head injuries and protection of the head. This scholarly article describes the legal side of concussions in the national football league. First this article describes how it effects NFL players and even younger football players. The discussion branches off into discussing statistics proving, “…the risks of brain disease and/or brain injury in general are unequally distributed in the American population.” Football players are much more likely to experience brain disease or brain injury. Later it even specifies African Americans are more likely to encounter a head injury in football rather than a Caucasian. “If this is so, it follows that the more members of a given population play football, the more likely they are to experience football-related mTBI.” mTBI is defined as a minor traumatic brain injury. Lastly the conclusion states an astonishing statistic that explains neurodegenerative (resulting in or characterized by degeneration of the nervous system, especially the neurons in the brain.) morality is three times higher in football players than the normal population.

Research journal #3

Jonah Lehrer, author, graduate from Columbia neuroscience and attended Wolfson college, Oxford. “The Fragile Teenage Brian, an in-depth look at concussions in high school football.” Published January 19,2012. Accessed on March 9, 2017.

            Although this article is titled, “The Fragile Teenage Brian, an in-depth look at concussions in high school football,” it doesn’t solely focus on high school football but a closer look at the science behind concussions. Lehrer explains the worst part of a concussion is what happens after the initial hit. “…all those cells frantically work to regain their equilibrium. This process takes time, although how long is impossible to predict.” Later, Jonah explains concussions are much more vital in teenager’s brains because they are not fully developed yet. In most causes the worst disease is CTE. CTE is an acronym for a disease that causes violence. It is brought upon a person if their brain has been smashed to their skull over and over again. A survey done in 2009 concluded that NFL players between ages of 30-49 have suffered from extreme memory-related disease an alarming nineteen times more than the average rate of the general population. Also, the changing of helmets to protect player’s heads is being discussed. But this is tough to renovate. Concussions occur on the inside of the head and the hard plastic and cushion protects the skull. Concussions in football especially the NFL is almost inevitable. Scientist are trying their best to reduce head injuries and currently are on the right track.

Research journal #2

Drysdale, Thomas A Southern Illinois University. “Helmet-to-Helmet Contact: Avoiding a Lifetime Penalty by Creating a Duty to Scan Active NFL Players for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy,”Journal of Legal Medicine. Vol. 34 Issue 4, p425-452. 28p. Oct-Dec2013, . .This article begins with NFL superstar Junior Seau and his head injury that lead him to commit suicide. In result of Junior Seau, many other NFL players realize they suffer from CTE. Seau’s family is trying to have the NFL safer regarding head injuries. Although this article may seem dated (December 2013) the repercussions of helmet to helmet contact is affecting NFL players even before 2013. “After years of denying the long-term cognitive effects of repeated head trauma in the face of evidence to the contrary, the NFL now must accept that CTE is a very real consequence of an NFL career,” explains the southern Illinois graduate. The doctorate student also explains the buildup of a protein called tau, which clumps up around the brain causes it to function poorly. Tau is caused by constant head trauma and is often found in football players due to the number of hits to their heads over the length of their career. In addition, the NFL is receiving many new ideas about changing rules to help protect the stars of the national football league.

Research journal #1

“How Injuries Can Affect Athletes Later on in Life.” Liverpool Training Solutions UK, Liverpool Training Solutions, 3 march 2014. Accessed 23 February, 2017. Liverpool’s training solutions article, explains the top ten injuries among athletes that will affect them later in life. In addition to the list, the author focuses in on concussions, arthritis, and bone deformity. This helpful information can also be clicked on to explore more in depth about a certain injury. This can be useful to athletes, coaches, and parents. Liverpool training solutions explains that injuries are almost inevitable, “Whether you play an impact sport such as football or engage in individual competition such as gymnastics, the demands on athletics can increase the likelihood you will experience an injury.” Not only does it describe the injuries dealt with it also helps diagnose you by explaining symptoms and listing sports it is more likely it happen in.

Senior School Day

Waking up for Clarkstown South High School at 7:15 was too early for my liking. By senior year, I did not care what time I came to school or what I looked like. School started at 7:24. So my mornings were rushed because I wanted as much sleep as possible. Pulling up to the school parking lot, I could tell you whose car was who’s. My senior schedule was fairly easy. I started my day with American Sign Language. This was my absolute favorite class. Fun fact I learned how to sign the song Shake it Off by Taylor Swift. After sign language, I went to Journalism. Before attending class, my friends and I had a special meet up spot in the hallway that we would go to in between classes. This was just to delay the time going to class, because who actually wants to go to class. Next stop was Marine Biology (another fan favorite of mine). Sadly, I could not leave for lunch so I was stuck in the cafeteria eating crappy school lunches. The best part of my days were always when school ended. After school during spring season, I would never go home. My after school consisted of baseball practices, scrimmages, and games. Practices were held at my high school so I didn’t have to travel anywhere, I would just walk to the fields. No matter what, practice was always fun because baseball is my passion. After baseball, I would finally go home. As soon as I walked in the front door, I threw my bags on the ground and sat down at the dinner table hoping my mom made me dinner. My favorite dinner was penne and vodka sauce with eggplant on the side. Those were the best nights to come home too. After dinner, I would shower, maybe do some homework and probably go to bed. I was usually in bed around 11:30/12.

Childhood Memory

The earliest childhood memories is going to baseball camp. I remember I got a yellow shirt (that was huge on me!) and a blue hat. The camp had local high school players running it as camp counselors. Every kid looked up to them just as if they were professionals. Every person aspired to be just like them when we were older. My favorite part was at the end of the day when my mom or dad would pick me up we would get an ice pop. But these ice pops were doubles. They had two sticks and two popsicles stuck together. I remember the first day we got them I was in awe. I would tell my friends during play dates how cool they were. This memory has gotten stronger to me because I was in the position of camp counselor this summer. Teaching and being the campers friend is a rewarding feeling. They look up and think its cool knowing an older kid especially an athlete. Another rewarding feeling is seeing the camper advance athletically and even socially because of your own help.

George/Christina HW

I found this survey very interesting and unusual. I would never guess that images in the advertisements shown would have such a big change. I was very surprised on how much change was in the female models. I would of thought they looked like that normally and that is why they are successful models. To a customer this can be very intriguing or very hurtful. It can be intriguing if you strive to look like them. Many girls now a days want to look like the fake advertisements. Insanely skinny and have make up and hair like them. Models serve as role models to girls that strive to be like them. But if you are more overweight and / or less confident, these images can be hurtful. Girls will compare there own images to the advertisements and become upset. They will feel badly about themselves unknowing that the women in the add does not even look like that. The car advertisements were also a surprise to me. I have been hearing all about self driven cars but according to the survey they are not even legal! I was expecting these self driven cars to hit the market very soon but apparently I am wrong. All of the ads provided in the survey make me wonder what advertisements are real or not. I guess you can never tell unless doing research because those images fooled me.