Research journal #2

Drysdale, Thomas A Southern Illinois University. “Helmet-to-Helmet Contact: Avoiding a Lifetime Penalty by Creating a Duty to Scan Active NFL Players for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy,”Journal of Legal Medicine. Vol. 34 Issue 4, p425-452. 28p. Oct-Dec2013, . .This article begins with NFL superstar Junior Seau and his head injury that lead him to commit suicide. In result of Junior Seau, many other NFL players realize they suffer from CTE. Seau’s family is trying to have the NFL safer regarding head injuries. Although this article may seem dated (December 2013) the repercussions of helmet to helmet contact is affecting NFL players even before 2013. “After years of denying the long-term cognitive effects of repeated head trauma in the face of evidence to the contrary, the NFL now must accept that CTE is a very real consequence of an NFL career,” explains the southern Illinois graduate. The doctorate student also explains the buildup of a protein called tau, which clumps up around the brain causes it to function poorly. Tau is caused by constant head trauma and is often found in football players due to the number of hits to their heads over the length of their career. In addition, the NFL is receiving many new ideas about changing rules to help protect the stars of the national football league.